About me

I can make things happen in  Javascript, HTML & CSS, PHP, Python, shell/bash (and other command line tools – awk, sed, etc.). I know my way around Linux as a platform. I’ve written UNIX device drivers, real-time software, and even an X Window System driver for a new graphics card. I’ve read the original UNIX Version 7 documentation from cover-to-cover.

I’m known in some circles for what I’ve done in the realm of geospatial interoperability – Web mapping, GeoRSS, and GeoJSON. I managed the team building OpenMap and pushed it out the door at BBN as its first-ever open source project.

I’ve gotten into Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s. My home web server is a Raspberry Pi 2, running my blog and a few other web sites.

I’m resourceful, can see the big picture, can roll up my sleeves and get things done.

I’ve worked a fair bit for NASA (currently at NASA ESO), some for NOAA, and Environment Canada. I’ve worked on projects with DARPA and USTRANSCOM, and have done some work for In-Q-Tel. I’m comfortable working internationally, having traveled to many civilian space agencies to work on joint projects worldwide.

I’ve been a hardware designer, a software developer, a research engineer, and a technical consultant. I’ve started my own consulting company, incorporated as a Subchapter S corporation. I’ve co-founded a non-profit and wrote a successful application to the IRS to be granted 501c(3) status.

I’m currently at the MIT Museum where I’ve helped it grow from 25 full and part-time staff with about 30 computers to ~35 full-time staff with about 100 computers including several servers, a “farm” of 10 virtual hosts, and exhibits powered by iPads, Mac minis, and Raspberry Pi’s. I also co-founded the MIT Museum Studio which has grown into a 1200+ square foot space in the middle of the MIT campus where students come to learn how to build things that are meant to be put on display.

I like to work in places where I can be a meaningful contributor to an organization I can believe in and where I can find an opportunity to be creative.

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