Month: July 2010

Review: Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer as a Mac mini server rack

I needed to do something about the Mac minis that were accumulating on the table in my office. Digging around, I found this Rubbermaid organizer on Amazon. It turns out to be nearly perfect. The unit is very sturdy, was

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Old bits slipping away

I moved this blog from one of the Mac minis in my basement to the other (I’m trying to put everything on the newer one to free the other one up) yesterday. Originally I had been blogging using Plone (from

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OGC (re)discovers URLs, but let’s tighten up the terminology a bit

I had seen this tidbit that Sean Gillies writes about in the recent OGC newsletter. My thoughts were along the lines of Sean’s. I never understood the big deal behind URNs. EDIT: Forget the semi-rant, see the comments, and then

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