IFC.com in the house

The IFC Media Project came to town today, to hold a panel discussion at the MIT Museum. They brought in more equipment than we’ve ever had anyone bring in. We had to run an auxiliary 60 Amp power drop for their cameras, lights, and recording studio. 

The panel discussion was about crime reporting in various media outlets, primarily print, radio, and TV. Tucker Carlson, Juan Williams, Martin Baron, Candy Altman, and Josh Silver were on the panel. 

There’s not too much of a technology angle to this event, other than that it’s nice to have people come in who know what they are doing. They brought in all their own equipment and a huge staff. Setup started yesterday, went into the wee hours of the night, and resumed again at 5AM this morning. 

The event was held in our Innovation Gallery, where exhibits are meant to come and go. Right now there’s relatively plenty of floor space but we’re going to be putting in a few new exhibits soon so things are going to get tighter again.

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