Quick plug – some apps

Just a quick plug for some Mac applications that make my life a lot easier.

Namely. It’s a free application launcher for Mac OS X 10.5. I used to use MenuStrip in 10.4 but really only used it for the Quick Launcher feature. When I upgraded to 10.5, I found Namely, which does just one thing. You set a hot-key combination that lets you pop open the Namely window. Then type in a few letters of the application you want to launch, and hit enter. I find myself using the dock less and less these days.

Fluid. Another Mac OS X 10.5 only application. It lets you build a “site specific browser” i.e. a separate application out of a browser window. I’ve wrapped my Google Calendar in Fluid and just keep it running all the time.

VoodooPad Pro. I use it for two things. I have one document to keep track of stuff I’m doing. I have another that I lock with a password to keep track of all my passwords. I haven’t done any scripting with its built-in Lua script engine, but I keep meaning to…

FlySketch. I use this for screen grabs all the time. One great use is to capture those web receipts you get when you buy something or pay for something. I grab them with FlySketch and put them into VoodooPad Pro.

Li’l Snitch. A great little app that lets me know what’s happening on my net connection.

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