VoIP – successes and failures

I’ve been a Vonage customer for 3+ years now. Lately, though, the vultures and doomsayers have been close at hand as Vonage gets sued over and over. Since I have two lines, our home phone and my office phone with Vonage, I thought I’d hedge my bets and move my home phone to Verizon VoiceWing. The main appeal of going with VoiceWing was that they could actually supply E911 at my location.

That was a bit of a disaster. They sent the new modem pretty quickly, but the installation never worked. I spent about 3-4 hours on the phone with them over a couple of days and they were unable to get it to work.

There was nothing particularly weird about my setup. In fact, my Vonage adapters are sitting in pretty much the same configuration, right behind my main router. What became apparent after talking to the VoiceWing people is that they don’t have the capacity to deal with installation problems at all.

Luckily, I was able to cancel before the first month was up and got (most of) my money back.

Meanwhile, I’ll stick with Vonage for VoIP.

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One comment on “VoIP – successes and failures
  1. jon says:

    I came across this site the other day and decided to use this service. It trumps Vonage and is actually a business class service. Highly recommend it.