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One of the challenges of our Museum Without Walls project is how to gather, a critical mass of location-based multimedia material that’s worth seeing.

MIT has its own video gateway site that links to three major MIT video repositories: TechTV, where the community can upload videos; MITWorld, videos of lectures and events at MIT; and MITOpenCourseWare, videos of classroom lectures.

But the fact remains that someone has to produce the videos. So far, iMovie and its cousins have done a lot to bring video production to a huge base of people, but I would wager that a large percentage of the storytelling being done with those tools is from the point of view of a single voice.

However, Wikimedia and Kaltura have teamed up to start a site where multiple people can collaborate on video production. (Seen at boingboing). Overall, a very cool idea with a lot of promise!

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3 comments on “Wiki Video
  1. Allan says:

    Thanks, Lisa. This is definitely a project worth following…

  2. Nina Simon says:


    I’d love to talk with you about ways we might be able to work together between Museum Without Walls and the Tech Virtual Museum Workshop… please contact me directly via email nsimon (at) thetech (dot) org or phone 408.795.6267 if interested…