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OGC (re)discovers URLs, but let’s tighten up the terminology a bit

I had seen this tidbit that Sean Gillies writes about in the recent OGC newsletter. My thoughts were along the lines of Sean’s. I never understood the big deal behind URNs. EDIT: Forget the semi-rant, see the comments, and then

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NASA Web Services session roundup

Last week in Santa Barbara, during the ESIP Federation summer meeting, the NASA SPG hosted a Web Services technical session. I somehow got the job of lining up speakers and moderating the session, always a bit of a nail-biter. The

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Service Discovery and Orchestration (in IEOS or elsewhere)

Has anyone ever run a service discovery and orchestration scenario like the one on page 7 of this document in any setting other than a demo? How far away from being able to do this in “real life” are we?

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Today I found myself sitting in a classroom discussion when the need arose to figure out how far each of 344 survey respondents had come to the place where the survey was being conducted. The survey included the home zip

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Air, not yet.

One thing I didn’t buy yesterday was a MacBook Air. I went to the Chestnut Hill Mall Apple store to see what it looked like but they didn’t have any to show. The store won’t have any to look at

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Think Again

So I’m going to blame my recent lack of postings on my blog to the fact that, like Hobu, I was finding that a Plone-based blog was not so easy to deal with. I decided to jump into the blogging

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