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Building a kiosk

At the museum, we’re setting up a kiosk to let people browse our online collections database. We’re very much in the mode of trying things out using a simple setup and then when we see how that works, we can

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Wiki Video

One of the challenges of our Museum Without Walls project is how to gather, a critical mass of location-based multimedia material that’s worth seeing. MIT has its own video gateway site that links to three major MIT video repositories: TechTV,

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Air, not yet.

One thing I didn’t buy yesterday was a MacBook Air. I went to the Chestnut Hill Mall Apple store to see what it looked like but they didn’t have any to show. The store won’t have any to look at

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Think Again

So I’m going to blame my recent lack of postings on my blog to the fact that, like Hobu, I was finding that a Plone-based blog was not so easy to deal with. I decided to jump into the blogging

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