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Clone a running Pi

Let’s say you have a Raspberry Pi running a web site (like this one) and want to have a backup. It turns out with a little netcat magic, you can do just that. 1. ssh to the pi, and run

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Spotlight for coders

Apologies to everyone who already knew this… I just discovered something very cool. As an only occasional coder (Python, mostly, when I get the chance to write code), I don’t have a very good grasp of where all the header

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Coming up with a question is also creation

To create is not just to produce objects or phenomena. Coming up [with] a question is also creation. In fact, a question that has a huge receptive capacity doesn’t even need a definitive answer. The very essence of a question

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Mac OS X ssh quickie

Are you getting these messages in your console log when you make a new user on Mac OS X and then try to ssh in to the computer with that new user name? Then don’t do what I did. After

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Old bits slipping away

I moved this blog from one of the Mac minis in my basement to the other (I’m trying to put everything on the newer one to free the other one up) yesterday. Originally I had been blogging using Plone (from

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Ubuntu on Eee Box B202

I’m always on the lookout for low-cost, easily maintained computers to drive displays or do other odd jobs around the museum. The Mac mini is still the gold standard for me. But even with the educational discount, a Mac mini

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newsyslog on Mac OS X

So, just to finish off what I’ve learned about newsyslog on Mac OS X… In addition to figuring out how to deal with denyhosts, here’s how to set up Apache and Mailman log rotation. I’m running standard Apache 2.2 that

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denyhosts on Mac OS X

I just spent some time figuring out how to set up denyhosts on Snow Leopard. I’ve used denyhosts before, but never felt like I had things set up properly for Mac OS. Now I think I have it figured out,

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Dear Safari 4 developers:

My overall impression is that it’s slower than the beta and slower than Safari 3. But that’s gut feel, not with hard data. The “loading” bar is also far less obvious now, and I always find myself wondering whether Safari

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Moving the server

Is there anything that’s more nerve-wracking than taking down a perfectly functioning server in order to do something with it? This morning I had to move two servers (a PowerMac G5 running Leopard Server, and a Mac Mini running 10.4)

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