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Quick plug – some apps

Just a quick plug for some Mac applications that make my life a lot easier. Namely. It’s a free application launcher for Mac OS X 10.5. I used to useĀ MenuStripĀ in 10.4 but really only used it for the Quick Launcher

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VoIP – successes and failures

I’ve been a Vonage customer for 3+ years now. Lately, though, the vultures and doomsayers have been close at hand as Vonage gets sued over and over. Since I have two lines, our home phone and my office phone with

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Change the margins

From the “it’s the little things that matter” department – I just saw written up in the January/February issue of World Ark, a newsletter published by Heifer International. The idea is simple: What if you could get companies to

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Think Again

So I’m going to blame my recent lack of postings on my blog to the fact that, like Hobu, I was finding that a Plone-based blog was not so easy to deal with. I decided to jump into the blogging

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